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Dec 15, 2008 at 12:56 PM
Microsoft will soon discontinue selling Windows XP through our sales channels. In industry terms this is called "End-Of-Sales" (EOS). The last day Microsoft Authorized OEM Distributors can purchase Windows XP from Microsoft will be January 31, 2009. For major PC manufacturers, this EOS date was June 30, 2008. OEM Distributors can continue to sell Windows XP to their system builder customers subsequent to January 31, 2009, while they work through their existing inventory. Windows XP End-Of-Sales

The release of Windows® XP marked a great leap forward in PC operating systems, and Windows XP has enjoyed a long and successful history...but now it’s time to say goodbye. That’s why Microsoft® has set the End-Of-Sales (EOS) date for Windows XP. After the EOS date, Microsoft will no longer offer Windows XP to its sales channels.

If you buy built PCs and purchase software through Microsoft Authorized OEM Distributors, that Windows XP EOS date is January 31, 2009. If you buy PCs acquired from major PC manufacturers, their Windows XP EOS date was June 30, 2008*.

You may still see copies of Windows XP, or computers preloaded with it, for months to come as the channel works through their existing inventory. Although Windows XP will no longer be offered to our sales channels, we will continue to provide Extended Support for Windows XP for six more years, until April 2014.

Making the Move to Windows Vista:

With Windows XP reaching End-Of-Sale, you’ll want to know how to get more done and have more fun with the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows Vista®. Once you see everything Windows Vista can do for you, it should be an easy decision.

Get Windows Vista today – highlights of the features you are sure to love:

It’s More Secure:
• Help remove spyware with Windows Defender
• Keep children safer with Parental Controls
• Browse the Web more securely with Microsoft Internet Explorer®
7’s Phishing Filter

It’s Reliable:
• Help protect your data with automatic backups
• Windows Vista tunes itself for enhanced performance
• Windows Update installs updates automatically

It’s Fun:
• Share pictures with Windows Photo Gallery
• Watch and record TV with Windows Media Center in Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate editions
• Enjoy games with DirectX® 10 graphics

It Makes Work Easier:
• Finding documents, email, photos and movies is easier with Instant Search
• Effectively synchronize documents and access information and devices with Windows Mobility Center and Sync Center
• Connect with customers and colleagues online with Windows Meeting Space

* There are devices called Netbooks, NetTops, or ultra-low-cost PCs, which can carry Windows XP Home or Windows XP Starter Edition until June 30, 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. I have expressed concern over compatibility issues with Windows Vista. What can you tell me?
A. Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 (SP1) brought to life customer improvements in application and hardware compatibility and addressed important performance and reliability concerns. Today, Windows Vista supports nearly 77,000 hardware products, which is double the number supported at the launch of Windows Vista. Over 2,700 software programs are now certified to work on Windows Vista, including 98 of the top 100 consumer applications.

Please visit http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/ for more information on Windows Vista compatibility.

Q. Will the Windows XP EOS date change again, with the launch of Windows XP Service Pack 3? A. No, Service Packs are standard updates and won’t change the Windows XP EOS date.

Q. What if customers need support for Windows XP?
A. While Windows XP will no longer be offered for sale after the EOS date, Microsoft will continue to offer Extended Support for Windows XP until April 2014. Extended Support delivers free security updates to all Windows customers. Customers can also pay for support on a per-incident basis. Please visit http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle for further information on the Microsoft Support Lifecycle.

Q. What if a customer wants to downgrade to Windows XP from Windows Vista?
A. First, you should ask why you would want to! Before you decide to downgrade, make sure you have considered the following facts:
• Windows Vista can access information on servers currently using Windows XP Professional
• Applications currently running on Windows XP Professional can also run on Windows Vista
• Windows Vista offers new features, including:
• More connection options with Windows Mobility Center
• Improved safety and security with Windows Defender, and the Backup and Restore Center
• Enhanced efficiencies with Instant Search

Q. Which customer groups are eligible to downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP?
A. The following customers are eligible for downgrade rights:
• Customers with a pre-installed OEM version, or separately-purchased retail version of Windows Vista Ultimate or Windows Vista Business editions
• Customers with a Windows Vista Enterprise Agreement
• Customers with an active Microsoft Volume License Agreement (Select License or Open License) for Windows Client software

Q. Assuming a customer is eligible, which versions of Windows XP can they choose as a downgrade?
A. Eligible customers can downgrade to Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Please visit http://oem.microsoft.com/downgrade for more information on downgrade rights.

www.microsoft.com/windows/products/windowsxp/future.mspx Compare Windows Vista to Windows XP -

Downgrade Rights Information – http://oem.microsoft.com/downgrade
Windows Life-Cycle Policy – http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle

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